Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four More Years...

I have had some very mixed emotions in the last 24 hours.  Going into election day, I was very optimistic and hopeful that the people of America had woken up and were not going to allow their country to continue down the destructive path that it was on.  Election night brought with it excitement, as I just knew that providence was going to intervene and the "good guys" were going to take back the White House.  That feeling changed in a matter of seconds when it was announced that President Obama won Ohio.  Suddenly my heart sunk and all of the excitement and hopefullness was sucked out of me.  I couldn't help but think to myself "we're screwed."  My thoughts were echoed by many others on Facebook as the status updates started showing up.  After a couple hours of sulking and talking with others on Facebook and through text, I decided that I wasn't going to sit there and let my blood boil over the outcome.  I ultimately came to the conclusion that I still have my beautiful family, my friends, and my God and there is absolutely nobody that can take those things from me.  The president is not a reflection of me or the majority of other Americans for that matter.

So what do we do from here? How does America, specifically conservatives, deal with this blow that we have been dealt?  We have to come together as Americans and make sure that we hold our elected leaders accountable- Democrat or Republican- doesn't matter.  Our elected leaders (including the President,) work for us and must answer to us.  The American media has got to learn its place, which is to provide unbiased information to the American people and get answers to the questions Americans are asking; NOT to be a propaganda mouthpiece for any political party.  Americans need to return to the principles that made this nation great and wean themselves from the teat of the government.  Finally, we should pray for our leaders.  That means everyone- including President Obama.  If theres one thing I know it is that God is bigger than all of this, and ultimately his will will be done regardless of who is in office.

I do not know, if America as we know it will survive the next four years of Obama's progressive policies, however I do know we will have another chance to get this country going back in the right direction in four more years.  I trust that in 2016 conservatives will be more energized than ever and we will put someone in office who represents the ideals and values of "We the People."

Demand Justice. Seek Truth. Hold Our Leaders Accountable.

Good night.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Im Sick of It All.

This blog seems to be an on again off again thing for me, and as much as I would like to bitch about liberals and corrupt so called leaders on a full time basis, I just don't have the time to post everything that goes through my mind every day.  The purpose of this post is to express my utter disgust with the Obama administration.  Here are just a few bullet-points of issues that fuel my ever growing abhorrence of this administration.

  • The President's refusal to treat Israel as an ally.
  • Pussyfooting around terrorists with p/c bullcrap, afraid to call a spade a spade out of fear that he might offend someone and make someone who already hates us more?
  • Traveling the world kissing ass to people who don't like us in the first place, causing them to lose even more respect for us.
  • Exploiting tragedies for political gain.
  • Blatant disregard for the safety and security of the military by standing in the way, again, with p/c bullcrap making it even harder for the Military to do their jobs. (kinda goes hand in hand w/ number two)
  • Outright lying to the American people and manipulating facts to make himself look better.
  • Printing money and borrowing from China like there is no tomorrow to pay for unnecessary, wasteful, and unconstitutional programs.
  • An increase in the national debt by 5.6 trillion.
  • Ever increasing gas prices.
  • Ever increasing number of people dependent upon the government
  • The "rockstar" image of the President, and the way he carries himself spews arrogance.
  • People who blindly support the president because he is "cool" or simply because of his skin color.
  • Obama/Biden bumper stickers.
This is in no way a complete list of my greviances, nor is it in any specific order.  Just a few of the reasons why I am baffled that anyone would EVER vote to re-elect this guy.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Union Goons

First things first. "Lets take these son of a bitches out." Son of a bitches? I think you meant "Lets take these sons of bitches out." Learn some grammar. Thats number one. Look, I realize he was trying to get the crowd fired up, and I don't think he meant that he literally wanted to take out the tea party. I could be wrong. I also do not see how the tea party is at war with working people. In a nutshell the tea party stands for lower taxes, an end to wasteful government spending, and less intrusion into the lives of the American people. I would venture to say that labor unions are at war with working people.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pinheads and Patriots

So I decided to to a book review today.  I just finished reading Bill O'Reilly's "Pinheads and Patriots."  I will start off by saying this is a great book.   The book is mostly an analysis of Obama's presidency thus far.  O'Reilly was very fair to the president- even to the point where I thought at times he was being way too soft on him.  A few of the things the book discusses are Obamacare, foreign policy under Obama, and some of the President's questionable associations (Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Van get the point).  My favorite part of P&P was the section where O'Reilly examines several past presidents and designates them a pinhead or a patriot.  I give it an 7 out of 10.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What a fraud

Al Gore is once again playing on the emotions of those who might happen to be listening to him. All I have to say is what a fraud. To compare the global warming debate to the civil rights struggle just makes him look insensitive to say the least. On one hand you have people questioning a theory that is at best questionable and on the other hand you have people brutally attacking and discriminating against people because of their skin color. I fail to see the comparison.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Jerome Ersland: A TRUE HERO!

Many of you have heard of Jerome Ersland, the pharmacist who was bogusly charged with First Degree Murder in the shooting death of Antwun Parker.  Parker along with his accomplice, Jevontai Ingram, went to the Reliable Discount Pharmacy around closing time, when they knew naroctics and money would be most accessable, because this is when they counted their money and took an inventory of narcotics they had on hand.  Though the doors had already been locked, they were let in, because one of the employees thought they just needed to drop off a perscription.  When these two thugs were let in is when all hell broke loose.  Ingram put a board in the door to ensure that they would be able to leave and not be trapped inside.  Too bad for them, they didn't account for Mr. Ersland being armed.  Ersland quickly went for his weapon as soon as Ingram started waving his. Ingram took off once shots were fired, leaving his accomplice Antwun Parker laying in the floor of the pharmacy.  Ersland followed Ingram outside and then soon after came back in and shot Parker five times in the chest.  What cannot be seen by the surveillance is what if any movements Parker was making at the time Mr. Ersland walked back into the pharmacy.  This is where the dillema lies.  Was he incapacitated or not or does it even matter?  Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater is apparently so sure that Parker was no longer even a percieved threat when Mr. Ersland went back into the store and shot him again, that he has decided to charge him with FIRST DEGREE MURDER!

Just so we're clear, here's the Oklahoma statute on First Degree Murder (I excluded parts C, D, and E to save space, as they deal with death resulting from child abuse, murder for hire, and murder of law enforcement officers):

§21-701.7. Murder in the first degree.

A. A person commits murder in the first degree when that person unlawfully and with malice aforethought causes the death of another human being. Malice is that deliberate intention unlawfully to take away the life of a human being, which is manifested by external circumstances capable of proof.

B. A person also commits the crime of murder in the first degree, regardless of malice, when that person or any other person takes the life of a human being during, or if the death of a human being results from, the commission or attempted commission of murder of another person, shooting or discharge of a firearm or crossbow with intent to kill, intentional discharge of a firearm or other deadly weapon into any dwelling or building as provided in Section 1289.17A of this title, forcible rape, robbery with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping, escape from lawful custody, eluding an officer, first degree burglary, first degree arson, unlawful distributing or dispensing of controlled dangerous substances, or trafficking in illegal drugs.

Now which one of these applies to Mr. Ersland?  Can't be malice aforethought, after all Mr. Ersland was not the instigator of the situation and therefore did not kill Antwun Parker premeditatedly.  Oh ok, now that I read section B I see where the D.A. is coming from.  Since Mr. Ersland killed Parker during the commission of a robbery, that is where they are coming up with the First Degree Murder charge.  Wait a sec though....ERSLAND WAS THE ONE BEING ROBBED!!!!  Nobody would have died if Parker and Ingram would not have decided to rob this man's pharmacy.  Where this incompetent D.A. gets off charging Mr. Ersland with murder is far beyond me.  Furthermore, I am baffled at the fact that the jury even had to deliberate on this, much less deliberate for three hours and come back with a guilty verdict. Now this man will spend the rest of his life in prison because two thugs attempted to rob him and he fought back. You can bet your last dollar that if someone tried to rob me I would do the exact same thing. I can guarantee this will be appealed and hopefully this verdict will be thrown out. That would be the right thing to do.